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Academic Programs

Academic Excellence

Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School provides an outstanding Catholic, college-preparatory education for a diverse student body while increasingly integrating state-of-the-art technology with individualized and differentiated instructional methods. One of the ways we meet the individual needs of our students is by offering specialized academic programs.

Curriculum Opportunities

Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School offers a variety of curriculum paths in order to meet the needs and challenges of each student.

Scholars Track

Designed for students who excel academically. These students are geared towards Honors, Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement classes. With hard work, students could graduate from high school with a year or more of college credits. These students must be independent and motivated as their classes are especially rigorous and fast-paced from 9th to 12th grade.

General College Prep Program

Geared towards students who demonstrate the capacity to work at grade level. Students who are part of the General Program must demonstrate the ability to work independently and meet the challenging demands of the College Prep classes.

College Prep I

This program is designed for students with current documented learning exceptionalities. These students demonstrate the capacity to earn the state mandated credits necessary for a high school diploma, but need certain accommodations such as extended time and smaller class sizes.


Is for high school age students with developmental disabilities. They follow a modified curriculum for their academics using Access Points. Students in this program will work on life management and vocational skills essential for success as adults. The program includes academic instruction, daily living, Community Based Instruction, athletics, vocational preparation, and the study of the Catholic faith.